Swim Vietnam are one of our long-term partners in the community. They’re doing great work to advance the cause of water safety and drowning prevention across Vietnam.


Swim Vietnam trains swim teachers, builds pools, and provides free survival swimming and water safety lessons, giving Vietnamese children a skill that could save their life. Their programs undeniably save lives.


2018 has been another incredible year for Swim Vietnam. In the last year, they have: 

  • Taught 2,519 children to swim and provided a further 37,587 children with classroom-based water safety education.
  • Trained 831 new swim teachers to AUSTSWIM (302) and Swim Vietnam (529) Standard, and provided classroom-based water safety education to 3,040 school teachers.
  • Assisted other organizations with classroom based water safety education knowledge to an additional 175,926 children nationally.
  • Supported three disability swim programs this year, Kianh Foundation, CHIA andHearing & Beyond by providing teachers and pool space for these programs.
  • Handed over 3 swimming pools to local government 2 pool in Dai Loc, 1 pool in Duy Xuyen
  • Achieved 8 bronze medals and ranked 8th in the National Swimming Championships – The Green Track. Swim Vietnam also took 40 children from swim squad to participate in the Da Nang Ironkids event and funded by a donation from Water Skills For Life Inc.
  • Established the Hoi An Swimming Club in June, with 80 members.
  • Became a key player in an international advocacy group advising the Vietnamese National Government on water safety issues together with Water Safety Vietnam and Swim For Life. Also became a vital participant in a national research project investigating the effectiveness of water safety education in Vietnam.
  • Set up our Swim Vietnam Social Enterprise and received approval from government to operate the business. Work on the business will continue in 2019.

You can read more about Swim Vietnam’s progress on their website or from their annual report.


Swim Vietnam continues to advance water safety in Vietnam. In 2019, they are seeking financial support from donors for a range of high-priority projects:

  • Equipment for swim programs (including float mats, and quality pool noodles and pool toys): $400 USD
  • Digital SLR camera for use by both Swim Vietnam Charity and Aquatic Training School – Swim Vietnam: $1000 USD
  • Purchase of equipment for pools (including rescue tubes, lane ropes and backstroke flags): $2000 USD
  • Purchase of two laptops for staff (Swim Vietnam Charity and Aquatic Training School – Swim Vietnam): $2000 USD
  • Funding for AUSTSWIM Presenter from Australia to assist training for several programs in July/August: $3420 USD


Reach out to Swim Vietnam if you think you can help with donations or funding for any of the projects listed above. You can also donate via the link at the top of the Swim Vietnam website. 

Of course, each year the Swans do what they can to fundraise for this worthy cause. We’ll be selling raffle tickets at this year’s ANZAC Friendship Match on April 20 in Vung Tau, with the proceeds going to charity.