Garden Pond Ideas

In addition to fire pits, garden ponds can bring your outdoor space to a whole new level. Adding one in your garden is a great way to encourage more wildlife into your backyard.

You can provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife, including frogs, fishes, and insects. Ponds are a great source of food and water, as well as a home or breeding ground for them to utilise.

If you’re planning to start a pond in your garden, here’s our curated list of ideas that you can use for your own inspiration. This guide will walk you through a bunch of beautiful designs and ideas to create a unique garden.

Let’s dive in!

1. Canoe pond

Make your pond that bit more original by building it in a canoe! This is probably one of the coolest abstract pond ideas we’ve ever seen, don’t you agree?

2. Two-tier wood-framed raised pond with water feature

If you’re looking for a more modern-style pond, this 2-tier wood frame raised pond is a great design and construction. Add extra levels and a simple water feature, plus some stone statue decorations.

3. Waterfall with small koi pond

Give your koi fishes a great environment, just like this waterfall pond. Add a waterfall amongst the rocks if you’re looking for a more natural-looking pond.

This is a brilliant pond idea, especially if you have small garden space.

4. Small koi pond with water feature

Looking for ways to upgrade the look of your humble garden pond? Enhance your small pond by adding a water feature to create a calming atmosphere.

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