40 Great Small Swimming Pools Ideas

Small swimming pools are not only great for small backyard, but it is also more intimate and personal. Here are some cool ideas on how to achieve the perfect pool in your backyard


If you have a backyard available, you have two options: landscape it into a beautiful garden, or make a relaxing swimming pool to cool off.

You can have both if you turn it into a small pool. A small swimming pool is a great idea if you have limited space at home but still want to have beautiful exterior and outdoor space. After all, there are many swimming pool ideas that have smart shapes that can help you to save space.

One of the great things about installing a swimming pool is that we can customize it according to our preference. And we can also do that even if we have small and limited space.

Using the irregular shape of pools is recommended for the small living room because the pool is dependent on the shape of your yard.

Some advantages of having a small swimming pool are that it is economical to operate. They can be heated more effectively too and are easier to clean and maintain.

Today we are going to share with you these small swimming pool ideas. Come and take a look at how gorgeous these small pools can be with the right lighting, landscape, and furniture!

Elegant Swimming Pool

The selected lighting materials used in this small pool make this area stand out from others. Its designer has created a rather modern look with this pool design.

Melbourne Pool

Here is a small swimming pool that possibly adds more life to the exterior. The backyard is quite simple too with plants on one side and a single comfortable chair beside it..

Backyard Small Pools

The shape of this small home pool complements with the available space in the yard. Its bright blue tiles adds a splash of color in the backyard. The designer has divided the pool into two, adding more personal space for the owner.

Wells Pools

At night the serenity and peaceful place may be available in this swimming pool area. The wall at the far side of the pool looks great with the mosaic tile at the center with water flowing.

Happy Slate

The designer obviously made use of the limited space in the backyard just to provide cool and fresh area in the house. The designer has added some stone-tables right at the center of the pool with an area for eating.

Wells Small Pools

Here is the total alluring and unique little pool in the exterior that is one of the best spot in the house. The designer have artistically landscaped the backyard. It’s brick-walled pool looks gorgeous and compliments the long chairs and the stone basin at the wall.

Cool Water Pool

The client may certainly consider this small swimming pool as one of the best space in his house. The designer has made use of an irregular shape for its pool and placed it in the corner with plants behind.

Here is a another view of the pool at a different angle.


The splash of the water falls installed in the side of this swimming pool adds a nice touch to this area. The designer has given enough space to add lounge chairs and a small table for the user to enjoy.

Wooden Deck Small Pools

The coolness and freshness of the water in this cute pool complements with the open space in the backyard. The designer has added a glass wall around it to separate the area from the rest of the backyard.

Dick Oatts Pools

This small pool is enclosed with this fence to separate it from the other parts in the house. The designer has added pen lights on the poo to add light to the area at night.

Caribbean Pools Spas

The sound of the waterfalls in this pool definitely adds more life and connection to nature. The designer made the pool look very natural with it mosaic-like tiles and waterfalls.

Small Lap Pool

The sound of the waterfalls in this pool definitely adds more life and connection to nature. The designer made the pool look very natural with it mosaic-like tiles and waterfalls.

Small Lap Pool

The designer has added vertical lines around the pool making it appear bigger. The tree at the side adds an effective focal point to the area too. While sitting in the living space you may take the full advantage of this elegant swimming pool outside.


The lights installed in the pool side make this area more luxurious and romantic. It’s overlooking view is quite irresistible and the designer has added some small trees around it to match the view.

Avenue F Backyard Lap Pool

The backyard lap pool at Avenue F may be small but it is pretty functional as it is designed as a lap pool. Its surrounding area is tiled with pebbles in between.

Claremont Residence’s Rectangular Swimming Pool

Claremont Residence’s swimming pool is situated on large and open backyard. Its pool is quite simple with gray tiles on the other side to add a natural look. The designer has put up a glass wall to separate the pool from the rest of the garden.