What are Koi Ponds?

Koi Ponds can be thought of as “Swimming Pools for Koi” or simply big fish tanks. There are no rocks, gravel, or aquatic plants in the pond that could potentially harm the Koi. The Koi Pond is constructed with straight down sides (no steps) to prevent any predators from walking into the pond and trying to make a meal out of the Koi.

The Koi Pond has a minimum depth of 4′, usually 5′-6′ deep, but can also be much deeper. It can also feature Bubble-Less™ external aeration technology for clear, unobstructed viewing of the koi.

A Koi Pond can have waterfalls, but in most cases, the waterfalls are not part of the filtration system like those found in Water Garden Ponds, Hybrid Ponds™ or CrossOver Ponds™.

A Koi Pond is not a “landscape” item like Water Garden Ponds, Hybrid Ponds™, or CrossOver Ponds™, but more of a pool or big fish tank specifically designed for keeping Koi.

Koi Ponds are biologically and micro filtered with super efficient, Easy to Clean HydroBead Vortex™ filters, along with HydroClean™ pond skimmers, bottom drains, and HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filters performing the mechanical filtering duties.

Oxygen for the Koi Pond is provided by an aeration system, and the water is pumped with an external pump. No high voltage electrical devices are in the water.

Are Koi Ponds Landscape Features?

Koi Ponds are not considered “landscape features” like Water Garden Ponds, Hybrid Ponds™ or CrossOver Ponds™. Instead, the Koi Pond is a more “formal” structure within the landscape like a swimming pool. Koi Ponds can be built completely underground like other ponds or they can be made partially underground and partially above ground.

The Koi Pond is constructed with either concrete, concrete blocks, or timbers retaining the earth “outside” the pond and have rubber liner, concrete, or polyurea liner holding the water “inside” the pond.

Landscaping can be placed up to and overhanging the Koi Pond. Maintenance of Koi Ponds is very easy. Simply backwash the HydroBead Vortex™ filter at least every 30 days, rinse the HydroClean™ pond skimmer and HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filter elements at least every seven days. 

How Much Maintenance Do Koi Ponds Require?

Maintaining a Koi Pond takes just a few minutes each week. A Koi Pond without waterfalls is a quiet, peaceful pond with beautiful Koi gliding about in blissful silence. All the oxygen in the Koi Pond is supplied by the aeration system. The pond can be lit at night with underwater lighting so the pond owner can view the beautiful Koi at night.

The bottom drain and pond skimmer constantly remove waste and debris from the pond, so the pond doesn’t have to be drained.

Nitrates are removed from the water during the backwash cycles. As pond water is used to clean and rinse the HydroBead™ Vortex filters, new water is replaced in the pond by an automatic water fill valve inside the HydroClean™ pond skimmer.

The water in the Koi Pond is circulated with an external pump, and the aeration system supplies the oxygen. Both units are external and can be placed anywhere outside and away from the pond. This makes for a clean and formal look to the Koi Pond as the filtration units can be placed far away from the pond and out of view.

Koi Ponds are constructed for the sole purpose of raising and keeping koi. They are the ideal pond style for those that want the best and safest pond available for their beloved koi.

The depths of the Koi Pond allow the koi to grow large and strong. The filtration system is external, so it can be easily increased in size as the koi grow in size or numbers. Koi truly are the “Swimming Jewels”. The Koi Pond is the safest environment to keep these jewels.

Where can I Install a Koi Pond?

It is possible to add a koi pond to a vast variety of outdoor living spaces, but there are a few important factors to consider first. There needs to be enough room to install an adequately-sized koi pond, so some smaller backyards may prove to be too limiting. Also consider visibility. If you want to incorporate the koi pond into your larger outdoor designs, it should be easily visible and accessible. A space that is already level and not constantly shaded is ideal.

Can Other Types of Fish Live in a Koi Pond?

One of the best things about putting in a koi pond is that it becomes a suitable habitat for a large variety of aquatic creatures. It is possible for koi to live harmoniously with some other types of fish such as goldfish, but not every type of backyard fish. Before introducing a new species, it is necessary to research how that species will interact with the koi and what kinds of demands it will put on the maintenance of the pond.

How do I Start My First Koi Pond?

First and foremost, you need to begin by making some careful plans. Building and maintaining a koi pond is not a difficult process, but if it is not done carefully, it will compromise the health of your fish and waste your investment. The first step is to pick the right location, then to determine the size and depth you want the pond to be. Then calculate how much water will be in the koi pond. That will tell you what size the filtration system needs to be. Finally, you will need to construct the koi pond and incorporate any landscaping around it. It is only at this point that you should purchase koi fish. Ideally, they will go straight into their permanent habitat.